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A Bombshell News Item!

Congratulations to long-time Theater RED friend, collaborator, Artistic Associate, and actor alum Eric Welch and actor alum Tim Albrechtson on the launch of their new company: Bombshell Theatre Company! We look forward to continued collaborations with K'Eric'ters and the new opportunities Bombshell Theatre Company brings to Milwaukee artists and audiences!

Be sure to check out their website and follow them on social media for their upcoming announcements - we know they have more "bombshells" of exciting news to drop in the weeks ahead!

An award-winning Season!

Theater RED received several Awards for Outstanding work from the Footlights 2018 Ceremony!


Outstanding Musical

Eric Welch

Director (Musical)

SaraLynn Evenson

Supporting Performer (musical)

Marcee Doherty-Elst

Outstanding Performer

Past Productions

Oh, the places we've been...

  • January 2013

    Twelfth Night

    The Unrehearsed Shakespeare Company of Chicago brought the First Folio style to Milwaukee in a madcap production of Shakespeare's classic "Twelfth Night" to make Theater RED's premiere a rousing success.

  • June 2013

    Two Gentlemen of Verona

    The first of two new unrehearsed productions brought the First Folio style to Milwaukee in a tale of mistaken identities that brought audiences laughter and love.

  • September 2013

    The Merry Wives of Windsor

    The third collaboration was certainly the charm when Theater RED brought The Unrehearsed Shakespeare Company back to Milwaukee for another First Folio performance of Shakespeare!

  • November 2013

    A Thousand Times Goodnight

    Shakespeare met Arabian Nights in this world premiere, Elizabethan 5-act comedy written and directed by Jared McDaris.

  • August 2014

    A Lady in Waiting

    Liz Shipe wrote and co-starred in this world premiere of an adventurous twist on the tale of Robin Hood, told from a unique womens perspective.

  • August 2015

    Twelfth Night

    With a cast of Milwaukee's best Unrehearsed-style actors, Theater RED brought the madcap style to the Cedarburg Art Museum's summer Arts festival.

  • August 2015

    The Seeds of Banquo

    Written and directed by Milwaukee theatre titan Angela Iannone, THE SEEDS OF BANQUO offered a look into the life of Edwin Booth as he grappled with questions — onstage and off — of honor, ambition, and inheritance.

  • October 2015


    A fiendish collaboration with The Musical Masquers of West Bend, Wisconsin. Christopher Elst directed this story of Victorian horror, focused on the puritanical view of sex, repression, and fear of the foreign.

  • March 2016


    Fueled by jealousy and resentment, the girls embark on a night of debauchery that goes from playfully wasted to devastatingly destructive. A wicked comedy about female friendship and growing up in an age of excess.

  • November 2016

    Bonny Anne Bonny

    With a cast of swashbuckling women at the forefront, BONNY ANNE BONNY brought professionals alongside students at Wisconsin Lutheran College to promote collaboration in Milwaukee's rich performing arts community.

  • July 2017

    The Wayward Women

    A new Elizabethan five-act comedy by Jared McDaris, The Wayward Women is a comedy-pastoral about generational norms, fluid morality (and gender roles), and good-old-fashioned sex.

  • August 2017

    A Chorus Line

    Featuring an all-star cast of Milwaukee veteran performers, and in collaboraton with Milwaukee Opera Theatre and Arts @ Stritch, A CHORUS LINE brought a new perspective to the classic, pitting performers over 40 years of age against an upstart director and his hot-shot choreographer.

  • July 2018

    I'll Eat You Last

    A collaboration with Untitled Productions and The Kimpton Journeyman Hotel! As Sue Mengers waits to receive a fateful call from Barbra Streisand, indulging in illicit intoxicants and explicit gossip, her world begins to crumble around her.

  • September 2018

    This Prison Where I Live

    This Prison Where I Live recalls Edwin Booth as he rehearses his production of Shakespeare's Richard the Second. As he readies himself to play, the ghosts of his past, including that of his notorious brother, interrupt rehearsals with their requests and mock the crown of America's "Prince of Players."

  • January 2019

    NINE, the musical

    NINE tells the story of a famous film director who is suffering from a creative block -- and personal difficulties with his wife, mistress, the actress who serves as his muse, and his female producer -- in Maury Yeston, Arthur Kopit and Mario Fratti's musical adaption of the Federico Fellini film 8 1/2.

  • September 2019

    Girard's Nude

    A musical comedy with an outrageous French accent! It's 1953 in Waldenford, USA, where girdles are tight and morals even tighter. Middle-aged Ethel Evans meets Girard, a famous French artist who wants her to pose for him. In the nude. Ooh la la!

  • November 2019

    Once Upon a Mattress

    An adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale The Princess and the Pea, this musical comedy has music by Mary Rodgers, lyrics by Marshall Barer, and book by Jay Thompson, Dean Fuller, and Marshall Barer.

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