Current Show: The Seeds of Banquo

Soulstice Theatre presents Theater RED's production of

The Seeds of Banquo

Written and Directed by Angela Iannone.

In the midst of unending family tragedy, Edwin Booth spearheads his production of Shakespeare's cursed Scottish Tragedy, Macbeth. Centered in an often forgotten period of American Theatre History, THE SEEDS OF BANQUO offers a look into the life of the nineteenth century’s most cherished American actor, as he grapples with questions — onstage and off — of honor, ambition, and inheritance.

Now, THE SEEDS OF BANQUO is set to premiere in August.


Soulstice Theatre
3770 S. Pennsylvania Ave, Suite 2
St. Francis, WI 53235

Calendar of Performances

Thursday, August 13th
Friday, August 14th
Saturday, August 15th

Thursday, August 20th
Friday, August 21st
Saturday, August 22nd

Thursday, August 27th
Friday, August 28th
Saturday, August 29th


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